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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Departure day has arrived. We left at 7:00 AM for Jedediah Island but the going was so good we kept it up until Squirrel Cove. This left a short trip to Maurelle Island and a visit with Wayne's nephew Carl and family.

How fortunate for us it was science day for the community at Surge Narrows School. Everyone is invited to share and view the student's science and writing projects.
The school that Wayne's great nephews and niece, Lukas, Josh and Katey, attend is located on Reed Island which is a 15 minute boat ride from their home ,on Murelle Island. The school has one teacher for grades one to grade nine, and a total of 12 students. They have one additional teacher for the three kindergartens students,including Miss Katey.
We were entertained by the students with tin flutes, then the community members joined in with guitars and violins....What a treat!

So as you all know the work never ends even on the Isalnds.... Wendy, Bev and Gayle offered to assist Jen in getting the seeds in the garden. Bev was up early.....the crack of 10...... to cut up her famous potatoes for Jen and Carl's Garden. So when we returned from the Community School function we seeded and planted!!! Too much fun.

But the work still did not end there. The Larry, Wayne and Gayle had to get supper, so off in Carls boat to pick oysters!! They did well.... only picked 80 or so off the what!!! Do we cook them all now or not??? Cook some and hang the rest off the back of the boat for later.

After firepit oysters and steak dinner we bring out the guitar,tamberine and shakers and enjoy a campfire singalong.
Nigel shakes up a storm with
Uncle Wayne....check out the video ....too cute!!

Next stop Dent Island, we managed to drop $800.00 in one evening , a truly gorgeous place, one can only afford to visit twice in a lifetime!!

Bla, bla, bla

Off to Alaska we hope...if we can still afford it?!!

Posted by the crew of Steel Eagle! On Board: Captain Wayne, Admiral Wendy, Mates Larry, Bev and Gayle.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We headed west on April 8th ahead of an impending storm, but it caught up to us in the Rogers Pass and we spent a good hour at speeds below 40kph. Get used to it...our boat does no better than 7 knots flat out. That's like 8 mph for you land lovers! 2200 knotical miles round back to my tractor driving days.

April 12th was lift out day for bottom painting, hull polishing, replacing pinstripping and changing out zincs. Steel Eagle is all shiny ready to head North!

Then we splashed her back in on April 14th and off to Nanaimo to our new slip. Great fun meeting new neighbors and old friends, Richard and Corrie Solinas.

Off to the "Dingy Dock Pub" for a glass of tea.

We now await the arrival of Larry and Bev Winters for our scheduled departure north on Tuesday the 20th. Gayle Ward is already here and assisting Wendy on the provisioning task.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3 Test

We are back from Panama and setting up our blog for our adventure to Alaska. Please stay posted as we begin our journey up north.